About Us

Leading Young started as an 8-week leadership program based on a book of the same title by Rev. Gibson Anduvate, currently, the Senior Pastor of ICC Nairobi, to equip young adults on principles of values-based leadership. 

The overall objective is to improve the effectiveness of young leaders to be champions of ethical, transparent, and accountable leadership at all levels. This is achieved through training and development initiatives that establish purposeful, effective, and values-based leaders in their respective areas of assignments.

It was launched in 2018,  with a comprehensive capacity-building program (training and coaching) for young individuals elected into public offices such as Senators, Women Representatives, Members of Parliament, and a few Members of County Assembly.

"History teaches us that when it matters most, it is to the youth that we have always turned to."

– Maurice Makoloo, Eastern Africa Director FORD Foundation

"I believe that Africans have the power to change Africa. That is the power that we give to our youth."

– Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.

"The transformation that has to take place in Kenya is in the heart of the Individual. It has to start on the inside to go outside."

– John C. Maxwell, Best-Selling Leadership Author.

"The youth are the trustees of our country's posterity. We do not want a generation growing up wanting to get even."

– Johnson Sakaja, Senator – Nairobi County

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